IT Project Management

Do you need a project manager for your IT projects?
PMI Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) has over 25 years experience in IT technical support, sales, and project planning and implementation. Seeking a Consulting engagement fully utilizing strong customer service attitude, exceptional organizational ability, positive team management and communication skills.

  • Seasoned professional, with outstanding project planning, execution, monitoring and resource balancing skills with ability to support multiple simultaneous projects in a matrix organizational structure.
  • Excels at communicating with stakeholders to solidify the business requirements, and to provide accurate reporting and information regarding the ongoing projects, risks and initiatives.
  • Utilizes 21st century project management techniques such as agile and adaptive approaches while successfully delivering the business objectives and benefits the sponsor expects of the project.

Project Management Responsibilities.
The Project Manager’s KEY responsibility has to be successfully delivering the objectives and benefits the sponsor expects of the project, or the project stage the project Manager is assigned to.
All other day to day responsibilities feed into the KEY one. The following is a non-exhaustive list of responsibilities often referred to in a Project Manager’s Role and Responsibility brief:
Ensure the following are carried out in accordance with the defined expectations:
Progress – deliverables are being completed within the baselined time scales
Cost – deliverables are being completed within the baselined cost plan
Quality – deliverables are being completed to defined expectations, first time
Performance (Value) – progress is being earned for the expected cost
Cash flow – net project cash flow is being achieved as the defined expectations
SHE – the required Safety, Health & Environmental standards are being achieved
Regulatory – all required statutory and regulatory conditions are being met
Reporting – regular and timely reporting of project progress to the sponsors
Risk – to proactively manage foreseen project risk, mitigating as necessary
Change – managing changes to the project without unduly affecting the stated objectives and benefits
The list can go on. Though it is worth noting that in addition to all the above there are additional implied responsibilities, that directly affect those stated above.
For example: Positive Team management – is an implied responsibility. If the Team is not led effectively, then progress, performance, quality etc will begin to suffer.
Project Definition – a deliverable for the first life cycle stage of the project may be to develop and produce an outline project definition via a Feasibility Study. There will be time, cost and quality expectations associated with completing this deliverable that the Project Manager, as Study Leader, will be responsible for.
For each project undertaken the Project Manager should identify, agree and document the responsibilities and the expectations of the project sponsor. These are the Terms of Reference for the Project Manager, against which success is measured.
If you are currently undertaking a project management assignment without such Terms of Reference, we urge you to agree these with your sponsor as a matter of urgency.
Without any Terms of Reference, how can you manage your perceived performance accordingly?

Project Management Duties.
We understand duties as the tasks or activities a Project Manager must regularly carry out in order to meet the agreed responsibilities. Again, a list can be quite long and will be closely aligned with specific Terms of Reference, but could include the following duties:
Produce a progress report monthly
Review the risk register monthly
Weekly communication meetings with Team Principals
Review weekly progress reports of Team Principals
Approval of purchase order requisitions
Approval of supplier invoices for payment
Weekly telephone updates to the sponsor
Induct new Team members into the project
Market the project internally
Produce a monthly project newsletter
Maintain a project blog
And the list can go on…